Machine Sentry®

An innovative solution with unparalleled performance.

Machine Sentry

UNIQUE and INTUITIVE 360° Connected Condition Monitoring Solution.
Machine Sentry is a proven technology trusted by over 2400 factories.
Secure and certified cybersecurity system.
Includes mobile and fixed sensors, along with the use of an Artificial Intelligence named 'ADA'.
Monitors and controls your equipment 24/7 (vibration analysis, temperature, pressure, oil quality, etc.).
The reliability or failures of your equipment are accessible from all your Android devices and/or on the web.
Auto-diagnosis and maintenance action recommendations accessible without required skills (lubrication, reviewing alignment or belt tensions, checking fastenings...). Simple tips to prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your machines.

Your performance partner

  • Reduces preventive maintenance costs by 30 to 50%
  • Quick and proven return on investment
  • Contributes to enhanced CSR performance (risk management, safety, etc.)
  • Optimizes the organization of skills

Machine Sentry, a comprehensive 360° solution

  • Centralizes a comprehensive view of the functional state of machines on your site in a single, simple, and effective interface
  • Provides instant recommendations for maintenance actions to be performed (greasing, belt tensioning, alignment, etc.)
  • Includes multiple measurement techniques in a single application (vibration, temperature, oil analysis, pressure, etc.)
  • Compatible with various brands of connected sensors