Connected sensors

Explore our intelligent predictive maintenance solutions featuring a range of easily installed, connected sensors designed for the most demanding environments. Our solutions meet the growing needs for reliability and performance, providing enhanced autonomy through the integration of Artificial Intelligence for technical diagnostics. Step into the world of connected predictive maintenance to simplify the monitoring and control of your equipment. 

machine sentry

Machine Sentry

An innovative solution with unparelleled performance
An innovative 360° connected condition-based maintenance solution for unparalleled performance.



Your best investment
Automated Diagnostic Assistant by Digital Predict Innovation

capteur mobile MSM-2

The mobile sensor

For routine maintenance rounds  
The MSM: The intelligent and wireless vibration sensor. Easily monitor your equipment with this portable sensor

capteur fixe

The fixed sensor

Increased monitoring, reinforced reliability
Fixed and agile – the MSF sensor (Machine Sentry® Fixed) is designed for enhanced tracking of failure progression or monitoring critical and inaccessible equipment



Online gateway
Automatically connect your sensors using our connected gateway solutions.



Continuously monitor your critical equipment
MSO is designed for continuous monitoring
of your critical equipment


Fixed oil sensor

Monitor the condition of your oils in real-time
The TDF is designed for instant and
continuous monitoring of your oils' condition

Capteur d'huile TDM

Mobile oil sensor

Monitor the condition of your oils with the mobile kit
The TDM is designed for instant on-site monitoring of your equipment's oil condition

Kit trouble shooting

Trouble shooting kit

The ultimate diagnostic case for effective predictive maintenance

Tablette industrielle

Industrial Tablet IS930.RG

Deploy predictive maintenance outside ATEX zones
The ideal tablet for your maintenance rounds

Tablette ATEX zone 2/22

ATEX Tablet IS930.2

Deploy predictive maintenance in Zone 2/22 
The ideal tablet for the most demanding environments

Tablette ATEX Zone 1/21

ATEX Tablet IS930.1

Deploy predictive maintenance in Zone 1/21  
The ideal tablet for explosive environments

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Explore our wired sensors programs

Discover Digital Predict Innovation support offerings tailored to your machinery.

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