Your best investment


ADA™ is an Automated Diagnostic Assistant developed by reliability experts.

The algorithms are the result of thousands of hours of data, coupled with over 40 years of experience. ADA™ excels in fault detection and empowers industries to be autonomous, without required skills. It monitors and establishes technical diagnostics along with maintenance action recommendations. ADA™ frees up time for experts, enabling them to leverage their knowledge in solving complex problems.

Advantages and applications of ADA:

Immediate reliability diagnostics and prognostics, including for inaccessible equipment and/or those not operating during expert presence hours.

Autonomous and instantaneous detection of faults (bearings, gears, lubrication, unbalance, soft feet, alignment, etc.).

Assists in your decision-making.

Available 24/7

Frees up 80% of analysis time for your experts and refocuses their activity on real issues
Assists in organizing your maintenance